FAV’s origins are linked directly to the history of CFR Pharmaceuticals and its founder, Nicholas Weinstein Rudoy.

In the early nineties, CFR Pharmaceuticals initiates a strong international expansion. The first countries where their products came were Peru, Colombia, Bolivia and Paraguay. Today is already present in 16 countries in Latin America and in 2006 the company went to Asia through a strategic alliance signed with a company in Vietnam.

Also in 2003 starts building the first floor of the current Complex Pharmaceutical Company, which became operational in December 2005. In 2006, construction began on the second floor of the industrial complex.

Technology and high quality standards applied in the CFR Pharmaceuticals complex currently, make it the most modern in Latin America.

Currently, CFR Pharmaceuticals has eight manufacturing plants located in Chile, Argentina, Colombia and Peru with capacity to produce all types of formulations in formats that include solids, creams, ointments and liquids. Its facilities allow to manufacture products that meet stringent quality parameters and standards of good manufacturing premises.

Today, 89 years after its founding, CFR Pharmaceuticals is the leader of the pharmaceutical market in Chile. He is constantly developing projects in biotechnology and clinical studies, under the eaves of the main training institutions in Chile and abroad.
The current realization of these projects and others will be added, keeps us firm in our conviction of being the first Latin American laboratory with global presence and own research.

Farmacología en Aquacultura Veterinaria, FAV, initially is created as a division of the CFR Veterinary Pharmaceuticals in 1994, completely independent of it in 2008.

Our mission is to provide innovative solutions to animal health, with emphasis on aquaculture and provide a wide range of services, especially in the salmon industry, task carried out through its sister company, Aquagestión. More than 50 products and 30 different services are sold monthly in this area.

Distributed throughout the country and abroad, as a division FAV noted for having the team with a background in the aquaculture industry.

In the metropolitan area, administrative offices are located in Pedro de Valdivia and Carrascal; and wineries in Quilicura.
Presence abroad extends to Guayaquil, Ecuador, and recently the city of Recife, Brazil.

In FAV include the launch of the first global injectable vaccine against Salmon Rickettsial Syndrome (SRS) in 1998; the presentation of the first multivalent vaccine against ISA virus in Chile in 2009, and obtaining the first records in Brazil, in 2011.


Nicolás Weinstein Rudoy


CFR Pharmaceuticals