FAV, a veterinary pharmaceutical laboratory belonging to the Abbott group, has been present in the Chilean market for more than 25 years. In 2008 it was established as an independent company taking the name of Farmacología en Acuacultura Veterinaria FAV S.A., but its origin dates to 1994 when it was born as a veterinary division of CFR Pharmaceuticals.

In 2014, Abbott Laboratories, a North American pharmaceutical company, acquired CFR Pharmaceuticals. Together with this, FAV and Aquagestion become part of the Abbott group in Chile.

At FAV our mission is to provide innovative solutions in animal health, with an emphasis on aquaculture and especially for the salmon industry, it has a presence both in Chile and abroad.

FAV stands out for having an experienced human team with a long history in the aquaculture industry, with a strong focus on R&D.

FAV has facilities in the Metropolitan Region, where the corporate offices of Abbott Chile are located, in Pedro de Valdivia and Carrascal, and warehouses in Quilicura.

In the Los Lagos Region (X region), there are Commercial Offices strategically located in the city of Puerto Varas, to meet the requirements of the Salmon Farming Industry.

Abroad, FAV’s presence extends to the countries of Ecuador and Brazil, where it meets the requirements of the important productive shrimp and tilapia markets.

FAV stands out as an innovative company, being the laboratory that launched the first injectable vaccine against Rickettsial Salmon Syndrome (SRS) on the market in 1998; and the presentation of the first multipurpose vaccine against the ISA virus in Chile, in 2009.

Since 2016, FAV has modern facilities consisting of Commercial Offices, R&D Laboratory and WetLab located in the city of Puerto Varas.

Today FAV is an important player in the aquaculture veterinary pharmaceutical market with participation in the vaccine, antiparasitic, antifungal, anesthetic and antimicrobial segments.

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