Bacterol - shrimp forte



Pharmaceutical form



4 kg aluminized carton box.


Probiotics organisms                  5 x 108 cfu/g
• Protease                                          1.000 IU
• Amylase                                           1.000 IU
• Cellulase                                          200 IU
• Lipase                                             200 IU
• Pectinase                                         200 IU
• Vitamin A                                       2.200.000 IU
• Vitamin E                                       1.650 IU
• Vitamin B1                                     330 mg
• Vitamin C                                      11.550 ug
• Vitamin B12                                   15.400 ug
• Biotin                                             16.500 ug
Excipients q.s.f.


Compound of different species of beneficial microorganisms including Bacillus, Lactobacillus, yeast, enzymes and vitamins. All microorganisms were selected to maximize their function and stability.

  • High bacteria content (5 x 108 cfu/g)
  • Enhances shrimp resistance to stress.
  • Increases inmune response.
  • Enhances the efficiency of the FCR.
  • Stable and favorable water conditions.
  • Reduces organic matter.
  • Decreases oxygen biochemical demand.
  • Lowers toxic substance concentrations such as ammonium, nitrites and H2S.
  • Cleans substrate from ponds.
  • Inhibits proliferation of damaging bacteria, viruses and protozoan parasites.

Dosage and Administration

500 g at initiation and 250 g as maintenance.
Consult the techical departament.


Do not expose to direct sun light.
Keep container always sealed to avoid humidity.
Avoid exposures to temperatures over 60ºC.
Avoid using antibiotics or any chemical disinfectant together with Bacterol Shrimp Forte.

Storage Conditions

Store in a cool and dry place (<40°C).

Once opened, use all its contents.


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